Time-Sensitive Urgent Alert to Demand Liberal Media Cover the Parents’ Sex-Ed Sit-Out

The Issue

On April 23, 2018, parents across America, Australia and Canada will be taking their children out of schools to protest a curriculum being instituted in K-12 schools under the platform of sex education. It’s called the Sex-Ed Sit Out. Liberal media isn’t covering it.

This curriculum being taught in schools across these countries is framed as promoting anti-bullying and positive sex-education, but in fact it, like others, are covers being used to institutionalize “gender identity” ideology and introduce children to extreme forms of sexual activity, such as anal sex. These programs are funded by the same organizations funding the promotion of “gender identity” ideology. A similar program is the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL).

“Gender identity” is a pernicious ideology with no grounding in physical reality.  As an addendum to LGB rights, in the form of the “transgender umbrella,” which is a broad term lacking any stable definition, it is being falsely promoted as a civil rights issue by the liberal left media. It is not anti-gay to express concerns about “gender identity” ideology (which is a fundamentally different phenomenon than sexual orientation). Parent’s concerns for their children with “rapid onset gender dysphoria” and requests by their children for hormones and mastectomies is a social contagion especially and increasingly affecting teenaged girls. This is all being ignored by the mainstream media. Only right-wing conservative media will cover it.

Children are being harmed by “gender identity” ideology being driven into their schools by monied interests. It is the duty of the media – all media – to offer balanced coverage of the issues.

What You Can Do

Contact liberal and mainstream media outlets and demand they cover the April, 23rd, 2018, Sex Ed Sit Out organized by parents across America, Europe and Australia.  Let them know who you are, and why you want them to cover this issue from a more balanced perspective. (CONTACT INFORMATION BELOW).

Email Script

Dear Media Representative,

The “gender identity” movement and its politics is rapidly being introduced into K-12 schools throughout Europe, Australia and America by monied interests under the guise of anti-bullying and sex-ed platforms and the liberal media is ignoring it.

Parents have organized a walk-out of schools for their children on April 23rd, 2018, in resistance to “gender identity” ideology being required curriculum in their children’s schools, along with its teaching extreme sexual behavior such as anal sex, under the umbrella of sex education.

Gender Identity is a pernicious anti-scientific ideology with no grounding in physical reality. As an addendum to LGB rights, in the form of the “transgender umbrella,” which is a broad term lacking any stable definition,  it is being falsely promoted as a civil rights issue by the liberal left media.  Parent’s concerns for their children with “rapid onset gender dysphoria” and requests from their children for hormones and surgery is a social contagion of body dysphoria (affecting teenage girls especially ) are being ignored in the liberal media. It is not homophobic to point out that “gender identity” is a fundamentally different phenomenon than sexual orientation. This movement and the Sex Ed Sit Out have been covered by Fox News, The Washington Times, and The Daily Wire, and many other media outlets on the political right. The liberal left are silent on all but the (pseudo) civil rights aspect of this anti-scientific “gender identity” project.

Parents have support and educational sites online to assist others in dealing with a teen contagion of self-identification as “transgender.” Many of these young people are entering a lifetime of endocrine-damaging medical interventions and permanent sterility, before they are even allowed to drive.

Jenn Smith, a self-identified male “transgender” person, has joined forces with the Christian Right in Canada in a direct effort to combat curriculums that teach these noxious ideas to children.

Professionals too have started support sites for other professionals as they have seen an onslaught of children and young adults influenced to believe they need to change their physical bodies to conform to what they are being told is an inborn, immutable “gender identity,” many of whom desist after ruining their health. I feel that my voice and the voices of many others are being ignored in the media.

The only critical or questioning voices that are being heard are the voices of conservatives, who are often labeled “right-wing bigots” in the liberal media. I urge you as the champions of free speech and watchdogs of democratic discourse to broaden your coverage to include the full range of voices and views regarding “gender identity” ideology, which is rapidly upending our society and to give the concerned parents who have organized this global Sit-Out a voice.



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