UPDATE: #NoMeninWomensPrisons #PrivacyAndSafetyforWomenAndGirls

On Tuesday, June 25, 2019 the California Assembly Committee on Public Safety will hear SB 132, which has already passed the Senate, allowing prisoner sex self-ID.

In Fall, 2017, the UK prison system placed convicted rapist David Thompson, now “Karen White,” a man who identifies as a woman, in a women’s prison, where within days, he admittedly sexually assaulted two women.

Responding to public outrage, in March, 2019, the UK Ministry of Justice created a new
“prison within a women’s prison” for male-to-trans inmates, promising they’d be kept separate from the women. Yet within two weeks, the male prisoners were now allowed to routinely mix with women prisoners.

California bill SB 132 will allow prisoners to “self sex-ID,” meaning any male prisoner will be allowed to self-identify as a woman on intake, be placed in a women’s prison, and even in a woman’s cell, based on his “perceptions of health and safety.” Not that of the women prisoners he’d be housed with. Only after staff determine otherwise could a trans-identified prisoner’s placement wishes be overridden.

In California, inmate Richard Masbruch, now “Sherri” Masbruch, brutally raped and sodomized a Fresno woman in 1991, torturing her and her mother by electrocution with an electrical cord. He later severed his penis while in a Texas prison for a similar crime. When extradited to California to serve life in prison for the Fresno crimes in 2005, he fought to be reclassified as a woman and was put in a women’s prison, where women inmates have complained they are frightened to be housed with him. Due to uproar over his placement in women’s prisons, the California prison system no longer discloses where Masbruch is housed.

California already has 11 prisons designated for the medical and safety needs for male prisoners who identify as women, plus all 3 women’s prisons for that purpose.

Women prisoners’ right to safety and privacy must not be compromised to accommodate the “gender feelings” or safety of men.

Women prisoners do not exist to be used as a “safety zone” for male-to-trans prisoners.

Tell the Committee, Assembly and Governor, “No men in women’s prisons! No on SB 132!”



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